Ok, so we all recognize we have ab muscles, even if ours is hidden underneath some fat. Due to the fact that there is no real way to target fat the most effective thing you may do is cardio and consuming healthy.

Wait, you are doing that already? Still not seeing results. Ok well lets take a quick look at your routine. First if you are doing cardio is it intense or laid back? The difference is huge. If you do an intense cardio session you can easily increase your metabolism for a full day in a lot of cases.

Although it may be true light cardio such as walking might burn more fat off during the session the intense session will continue to burn fat throughout the whole rest of the day. Which would you prefer?

So now you should be executing a lot more intense exercises effectively. Did you know that you can work your abs at almost any point in time during the day regardless of what you are doing? It may look easy but if you remember to do this each day you may help improve the opportunity of your abdominals to pop out.

It is really easy just suck in your stomach and flex your abdominal muscles, hold it for a count of five and slowly release. Do that about 30 times or so. You can easily do this anywhere at anytime since it does not require you to lie down or use any type of abdominal machine. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Lastly, let me remind you, that unless you have an extremely small body fat percentage that you should remember to flex your abs when you want to show them off. After a while you may reach the point where they are showing up without the need of you having to flex. When you are getting close to this point you can just flex and get away with it.

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