How To Build A Chicken Coop|Building A Chicken Coop – The Basics

Chicken coops are becoming more popular considering many consumers turning to organic foods as well as the cost savings of producing your own food. Yes, you can save a lot of money by building a chicken coop. By building a chicken coop yourself, you can also easily compliment other outbuildings such as your home and your garage. Another great benefit is that you can easily keep track of your hens, have them stay healthy and also protect them from predators and rough climate.

Most important is where to build a chicken coop on the property. Knowing weather patterns is a key element. To live a happy and healthy life chickens have to be protected from snow, rain, and heat. Consider building the coop in a well-drained and high location facing the sun. By doing this you will ensure that the coop dries quickly especially during the wetter months of the year.

Another important aspect is ventilation. Your chickens need proper circulation of air during the hotte rmonths. Sliding doors and windows will allow proper circulation.

It is also important to build a chicken coop that allows easy maintenance and cleanup. Chickens that are isolated in a coop can be prone to sickness and disease if their coop is not properly maintained and cleaned. Daily cleaning is necessary. When constructing the coop consider design techniques tailored towards easy clean up. Have the doors open inward instead of outward and craft the floor at a low angled slope towards the main door. Creating the floor in this way will alleviate puddles in the coop as it is being hosed out.

Keep in mind that the coop should provide warmth during the cold winter months. Insulating the walls of the chicken coop will provide the warmth needed in the cold and dry during rainy months. Facing the coop towards the sun is helpful. Another option you might want to consider is installing a lightening system. This does not only allow you seeing your chickens during night hours, but will also provide heat.

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