How To Buff A Floor With A Floor Buffer

To make a floor clean and shiny you should use a floor buffing machine. Having such a professional floor will not only look good, but it will give a great impression to all of your guests.

So to do floor buffing, you would need a buffing machine. A buffing machine, or floor buffer, is a machine which resembles a vacuum cleaner but has a bigger base and is often heavier as the motor used is usually large. It has a circular pad at the bottom which is used as a scrub or brush to dislodge dirt and leave behind a clean shine. Doing floor buffing by using a buffer product protects floor surfaces made of wood, linoleum, marble and tile.

The right buffing pad will depend on the type of flooring that you have. Most machines have a set of controls to adjust to the floor and pad specifications. Not all floor buffers are the same. Industrial floor buffers are extremely large and are usually used by contract workers who clean and buff large areas.

As I mentioned, the floor buffer can remove stuff from the floor as well such as gum, wax, dirt, and any other debris that can’t be removed with a mop or broom. For home use you probably wouldn’t need to floor stripping features. The regular floor buffer should be just fine for home when used at lower speeds.

You do not simply do floor buffing without doing some sort of cleaning beforehand. If the floor is dull and there is stuck dirt, you might need to clean the floor first. Use a coarse pad and some detergent, or soap, to clean the surface until all of the dirt or excess old wax is gone. Then you need to dry the floor with a cloth or a mop, or you could put a cloth under the buffer and use the buffer to dry it.

Once cleaned, you can start the final buffing act. This will require wax or a buffing solution depending on your flooring. Usually the solution is 1 part wax to two parts water. And that is all there is to buffing a floor with wax.

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