How To Become A Celebrity In These Days

You won’t learn how to become a celebrity from a class at school, although the cheer leading squad or the Varsity might lead you to fame. Even though some of the steps up the star status ladder are understood, there is still that mysterious Factor X that gets some to icon level and leaves most in obscurity.

In the ‘first’ category, we have Charles Lindberg, who first flew alone over the Atlantic Ocean. He was young, daring, handsome, and successful. Amelia Earhart also became famous for attempting an historic flight. However, her fame was probably secured because she was not successful, but disappeared mysteriously en route.

Celebrities that are made often marry a famous person, star in a show like the Bachelor, do something amazing like stop a runaway train, or kill lots of people and bury them under the porch. You can even be a celebrity if you are young and pretty and buried under the porch. But there are better ways, like winning the lottery or the Miss America title.

It is easy to see why an Olympic multiple medal winner is celebrated, but in other cases it is hard to understand. Why would someone even want to roll up the biggest ball of string in the world? Or eat the most live goldfish? It must mean something that so many of our celebrities are actually more or less odd. This should be a comfort to the rest of us non-celebrities.

Sometimes celebrity comes in ways no one will ever understand. How did the gecko do it? Why was looking for the beef so catchy? Why have generations watched Tom chase but never consume Jerry? Why did the fact that Goldie Hawn couldn’t deliver a one liner get her anywhere but fired?

Sometimes it’s calculated, like stars made by the Hollywood publicists. Sometimes it’s talent, like Elvis. Sometimes it’s inexplicable, like pet rocks and Beanie Babies. Sometimes it’s National Enquirer, where true and false seem to be irrelevant.

Of course, the worst of the worst will be remembered, too. Custer’s last stand was a dismal failure, but no one remembers the names of the winners. Charles Manson is still famous after decades in prison. The mighty Casey is immortalized in poetry for striking out. Benedict Arnold is remembered by history students who forget many better men.

Stars can be made, as in the old days of Hollywood publicists and the tabloids today. Most fame is here today and gone tomorrow. But sometimes it is as inevitable as the rising of the moon. Michael J. Fox couldn’t play a bit part, because no one was watching the star of the show. Farrah Fawcett didn’t do anything but smile through all that hair and we were hooked. Fonzie kind of just walked through the door and the audience went wild. Secretariat was so incredible I even remember his jockey’s name.

These days your best shot at becoming a celebrity may be You Tubes. It can happen at age 2 or 99. Home videos can open up doors for which only talent scouts had the key in the old days, when you had to be ‘discovered’. Now you can do it yourself, on a video or a blog or a Facebook page. It may lack glamor but what the heck, it’s more fun this way.

Celebrities don’t have to be Hollywood, of course. Local heroes save lives, survive shipwreck, fire, and flood, save kittens, donate millions, and feed the homeless. Catch the biggest fish, shoot the biggest deer, live the longest, eat the most – the possibilities are endless.

How to become a celebrity is all about being noticed. It will sometimes happen when you aren’t looking, and fame just blindsides you. Or you can make it happen with luck or talent. So catch that falling star if you can, and have fun.

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