How These Can Help – Toe Straightener

Toe straighteners are used to correct conditions such as overlapping toes, hammertoes, crooked toes, and other deformities of the digits of the foot. Generally used in shoes, they are designed to reduce pain that results from overlapping toe friction. They are generally made of an adjustable cotton loop and come in different sizes to accommodate one toe or more than one toe at a time.

Overlapping toes is a disorder that can cause great irritation and pain to the feet. Prolonged irritation and pain can affect your ability even to walk. Forefoot supporters such as gel toe caps, toe combs, or gel toe straighteners are considered to be conservative treatments for these conditions. Most of the time, deformities of the toes are considered to be congenital, and would be apparent at time of birth.

There are some toe deformities, however, which will progress with time, and did not appear at the time of birth. Non-congenital toe deformities can benefit from toe straighteners if the disorder is diagnosed in it’s early stages, and the symptoms may not advance. Among the disorders that fit into this category is hammertoe. When this condition is present, the third, fourth, and fifth toes take the shape of a hammer, due to the bending at the proximal joint. Individuals who wear shoes that do not fit their feet properly, may be plagued by this disorder. The toes are encouraged to bend downward in the hammer position, as a result of tight fitting shoes, very high heeled shoes, shoes that are too small, and shoes that are too narrow.

Toe deformities can be addressed in a number of ways including, rehabilitation and stretching, braces, wearing proper footwear, and toe straighteners. There are cases that will require orthopedic treatment. You may need to see your doctor, if you find that you are unable to perform your normal daily activities, and your doctor may decide that a consultation with an orthopedic doctor or podiatrist is in order.

If you’re experiencing extreme pain and swelling in your joints, you must get the condition evaluated to be sure it isn’t a disease like gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

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