How The Flow Of Chi Can Affect A Room’s Ambiance

What exactly is chi? If you’re familiar with Feng Shui, then you will have an idea about this prevalent term in the Feng Shui practice. Chi refers to the energy that everything around us has and gives off. It flows around us, emitting a positive or negative vibe. Creating a favorable space for chi to flow is important for it to manifest good energy.

Feng Shui focuses on objects and their placements because chi flows through these things. A wrong arrangement can block off the flow of chi and thus, bring negative energy or bad luck. Knowing therefore the right placements for the objects is crucial so that the chi can flow effortlessly.

If the objects in a room are so arranged that you need to maneuver to get around, it is not conducive to good chi. This prevents the room from getting fresh chi or fresh energy anytime that you are in the room, you will begin to feel aggravated and blocked. This goes from every source from the arrangement of the furniture to the clutter which may be situated around the room. The more clutter that is in the path, the more maneuvering you will have to do to move around and the more the flow of the chi will be blocked.

Chi is also affected by the textures and shapes existent in the room. But as chi is determined by factors like the arrangement of objects, it can also be relieved by some things. A good point is the function of area rugs. A cold, uncomfortable floor can affect the smooth flow of chi. However, opposing this not so good feeling with an area rug as a floor cover can give the chi a push to flow better.

Make sure that the furniture are well placed and not in any way blocking your path. Because if you are blocked, then it means the chi is stuck as well, and no fresh chi is flowing in the room.

Feng Shui claims that the flow of energy has direct effects on the mood and well-being of people. A smooth-flowing chi can lead to good health, prosperity and good fortune. A blocked chi meanwhile brings forth bad luck, sickness, tension and temper. You know your place well, so you can feel how energy is flowing in your home. Take some time to check your furnishings. You might be warding off the good chi from bringing good luck to your home.

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