Losing Weight With The Fat Flush Diet Plan

An increasing number of people are already becoming aware of the risks of being obese. On some really grave cases, having uncontrollable cholesterol level can lead to death or paralysis. But if you want to have detoxification and weight reduction at the same time, then you might want to try the fat flush diet plan.

At the time you undergo the Fat Flush Diet, you will need to take a considerable number of diuretics, not to mention that you have to stay physically active and give yourself enough sleep every day. Diuretics are medicines which force your body to increase the urination rate and bowel movement. With this process, you are assured that you are actually receiving the detoxification process and you can witness the effects yourself. What is more, with The Fat Flush Diet, your body will undergo cleansing of impurities in three stages.

On and after the end of the 3-phase program, you should have eliminated a valuable amount of unwanted body fats. Aside from the exercise, you will need to eat certain foods and include them on your daily diet. Some of these are egg yolks, flaxseed oil, fruits and vegetables that will essentially help in flushing out the bad cholesterol and the reduction of weight. Cardio exercises such as walking and jogging are highly advocated to perform at least 30 minutes each day to maintain an active lifestyle.

The first phase of this diet will have your body on a water therapy and would limit your food intake to a maximum of 1,200 calories per day. The huge amount of water would help you in the initial cleansing of the body to get rid of free radicals and the impurities therein. At this stage, you should not eat foods such as breads, grains, sweets, and dairy products as these are rich in saturated fats.

The second phase is actually the continuation of the first stage; however, your calorie limit here is increased from 1,200 to 1,500. Same kinds of foods you are not permitted to eat but you also have to watch the amount of food being served. Since the allowable amount of calorie is already lifted at this point, you now have the liberty to increase your daily servings on a minimal mode.

On the third and final stage, your calorie limit will be maintained to 1,500 per day and in order to achieve this goal, your diet will be composed of foods such as squash, corns, and other sources of good carbohydrates. You can also take dairy products to add on your carbo-diet.

Although you will definitely lose weight with this kind of diet, this plan may seem extreme to you because of the restrictions on the calorie intake. At first, you can experience feeling of being dysfunctional because of the allowed kinds of foods to eat.

With the fat flush diet plan, you will definitely have the most effective program to lose weight and body cholesterol. It will not only help you have a more shaped body but it will also cleanse your inner system for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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