How T-Shirts Crossed Over From Simple Tops To Powerful Marketing Tools

T-shirts are forever – that’s a fearless fashion forecast!

This piece of garment will forever be an essential part of human life, if fashion specialists and marketing leaders have their way, which they decidedly have.

From simply being undergarments in the 19th century, these ever-present pieces of upper apparels have gone up from the ranks to being an important marketing tool for many companies.

How did these shirts get from being hidden garments to ones that are proudly worn and displayed to all and sundry?

T-shirts started when those one-piece long underwear, or union suits, were cut into detached tops and bottoms. The previous versions had length just long enough to be tucked underneath the waistband of the bottoms.

The tops, whether or not with buttons, became the garb of choice by miners and dockers during the late 1800s. They were generally worn as covering from the hot working environs.

The button-less variety had been popular in the U.S., particularly when they became the standard issue by the U.S. Navy during the Spanish American War. The crew-necked, short-sleeved white cotton shirts were donned under the uniform.

Eventually, workers from other sections imitated the mineworkers, dockers and the Navy men. Those working in ranches and other agriculture associated industries liked that t-shirts were easily effortlessly, cleaned and best of all, affordable!

T-shirts eventually became a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. These casual tops also became a means of personal expression in the 1980s. In the U.K., printing large slogans on the front or the back of the shirts became all the craze.

It was in the 1970s that screen printed varieties began making the crossover from simple casual clothes to marketing tools. By the 1990s, even company messages were imprinted on these tops.

With fashion becoming more fierce and marketing becoming more ruthless, it’s no wonder why t-shirts are also becoming the front, back and center of developments in both these sectors.

Got something to sell? Want to make a fashion statement? Do both with t-shirts!

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