How Staying In A Bed & Breakfast Is A Better Choice Than Hotels

Are you planning to spend a vacation in Australia? Why don’t you stay in a B&B? You can’t have a full enjoyment of spending a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life if you stay in a hotel. If you are used to booking in hotels, try something new, and book a reservation for a enjoyable stay in a b& b.

There are major advantages for getting a b and b compared with hotels. It is relatively low cost and it feels more like home away from home. Hotels are usually designed to be lavish and costly. Typically, b and bs are private homes or guest homes rented by travelers. B&Bs being owned by everyday families and individuals have a personal touch and offer personalized accommodation, service & hospitality. The hosts have a very good local knowledge of the locality, which is often not available on tourist brochures & maps. Owners tend to be more hospitable than hotels staff, they recommend local events, assist w/ dinner plans, provide tasteful breakfasts and some offer afternoon tea.

These are few tips on getting a Bed & Breakfast for your next holiday in Australia:

1) Find properties using Maps. Type in the location of your vacation destination and it will display results of B&B near your location. Using this, you don’t have to travel far to get around and visit local sights & neighbouring businesses.

2) Look for available accommodation from Bed and Breakfast listings. This is good for price comparison purposes & comparing vacant accommodation services per property. Some B&Bs are Deluxe (high end B & Bs with additional furniture & jacuzzi), Standard Baths are located outside the bedroom and En suite (bedrooms have a built-in bath, with WC, shower and more.

3) Go ask your co-workers. If you know someone who has been there, ask how their holiday went and get tips to fully enjoy your vacation. studies show that people choose their next accommodation based on the tips of past guests. This means it’s important to look what other past guests say about the property where you are planning to stay before you actually book a reservation with them.

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