How Star Wars Is An Epic Saga With An Epic Effect

The Star Wars film series has made an impact on every part of western culture, having presented the film industry and audiences around the world with something they had never seen the likes of before. Hollywood’s greatest producers take many lessons from the box office smash hit, and fans are still able to purchase and involve themselves in new incarnations of the series. It holds true to today that Star Wars an epic series continues to leave its mark on every form of media and imagination.

The goal of George Lucas, as is the goal of any director, was to produce a movie that could captivate the minds in the audience, and leaving them wishing for more. His personal twist on the classical tale of a hero who overcomes another hero who has fallen from grace is the exciting futuristic setting. Like many people full of fresh talent, finding inspiration and the imagination to create compelling stories is the easiest thing to do, but finding moneyed people to support it is the hardest by far.

This victory propelled the support for the sequel films, whose creation promised the future release of prequels. The original Star Wars trilogy created a larger demand for special effects than had ever been demanded before, and multiple effect companies arose that still hold a major part in film-making today. Industrial Light and Magic, and the THX sound system are just a couple of such companies, all of which continue to make important innovations in the technology of visuals and sounds.

Fans of all walks of life followed this spectacular saga for more than the mere entertainment value. The heroic tale of Luke Skywalker is that of a young man journeying to far off worlds while honing his skills with the ever present ethereal power, known as the Force. Each of these exotic places that he visits has a life of their own, with a rich history and culture that are so well developed, that the audience could actually feel like they too were in a foreign land.

This hero’s journey is flanked by some of the most memorable characters and musical themes in the world of popular culture. Darth Vader stood as a terrifying and convincing villain, with an orchestral theme that is commonly recognized internationally. R2-D2’s robotic beeping and whirring sounds are also well known, and these sounds are frequently used in jokes and spoofs due to the number of people who will understand.

Episodes I, II, and III complete the tale’s incredible saga by following the journey of Anakin Skywalker, the father of the earlier trilogy’s main protagonist Luke Skywalker, as he also learns to become a jedi, and inevitably becomes Darth Vader. These dramatic films pushed the bar once again on the industry’s special effects, and are a visually cinematic treat to behold. This trilogy of prequels to the original films give the story a full circle, bringing life to tales told by characters in the originals, and showing the history of their lives.

The entire epic saga is now available for purchase in one convenient collector’s box set that is packaged with many special features such as commentary and behind the scenes. Lucas remastered his films before he released the complete box set, replacing outdated techniques such as puppetry with advanced CGI animations. The more surprising changes were in the final scene of the spirits where Darth Vader’s image is replaced with that of the young Anakin, before his corruption.

It is without a doubt that anyone who watches Star Wars an epic series will see how these films inspired countless generations and changed the world. The franchise pushed many companies to new heights as the films demanded equipment and techniques that had yet been perfected. Everyone should at sometime in their lives make time to watch the masterpiece that is known as the Star Wars Saga.

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