How Should You React With Thrush Infection

Thrush infections can happen to anyone because of the presence of Candida albicans, the fungus causing the said infection. The fungi never choose where to live in the human body which can either be inside or outside as long as it lives and can grow causing Thrush. It has been found out that Candida albicans are after all part of the fighting bacteria to overcome those bad bacteria inside the stomach but too much of Candida albicans can give you infections such as thrush.

There are two types of thrush infection normally experienced by people; oral thrush which is in the mouth or vaginal thrush which is in women’s vagina. The vulva in the vagina is where itching begins due to the presence of fungi around the area. According to some studies, 75% of women around the world have vaginal thrush as it gradually became part of their life cycle and the half of this percentage are experiencing two or more thrush infection.

Be aware of the different symptoms because these are so important in identifying where someone inside the house or you has it. When you start to feel very itchy around and inside your vagina, this happens to be the most usual sign that a woman is carrying the infection. Itchiness is then followed by redness and swelling around the outside part of the vagina, pain when urinating, feeling strange and pain during sex, beyond normal vaginal discharge which is thick and white.

If you are only feeling few of the symptoms, then you are possibly only having mild thrush infection or maybe not. Though it can be a mild one, never be uncertain to take some corrective action because that could result to a severe condition if not immediately healed. The most significant thing you have to do is to directly visit your doctor and consult about it. Having a thrush can come from so many reasons.

If you are not taking care of your body well like you most of the time be deficient in sleep, feel stress and sickness can get you infected because in this manner your immune system is becoming weak and the positive bacteria that used to be fighting with the fungi cannot do it anymore or are very few to prevent fungi from overgrowing. Too much or prolonged used of birth control pills, antibiotics, and steroid medicines can also get you near to infection. Too much of these medicines can develop thrush and can even make it worse.

You should be cautious in using over-the-counter medicines because most of these can tolerate the infection and can lead you to having recurring infection. Never make up your mind right away to buy these kinds of medicines and always remember to ask your doctor first and consult your symptoms so you could get the appropriate medicine for you. Some of those who did not consult thought that they have the infection when the truth is that they actually do not possess it at the moment they start to take in drugs for thrush infections. Research says that there have been two-thirds of women who are using over-the-counter medicines thinking that they got infected but do not really have any vaginal thrush.

Thrush infections is not that scary illness; however, if you disregard this and do not take any curative action, this might lead you to a worse and hard to treat infection.

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