How Printing Services Have Evolved And Grown Over The Years

Print medium even today is a very popular mode of disseminating information to a vast range of people. With the passage of time the printing services industry has grown immensely and has reached its present form of a diversified industry. Today it caters to a wide range of needs of customers, which goes much beyond printing.

With the invention of the first printing press by Gutenberg in the–00’s, mass printing services in the form of relief printing developed into a full fledged industrial service. In this method of printing the printed image appears elevated from the background of the material, as it is in a rubber stamp. Nowadays relief printing is not as popular and has very restricted uses.

Technology has always been a motivating factor behind changes in printing processes that have been embraced down the years. Modern printing techniques are quite diverse and come to a variety of uses. Most clients are in fact dazed by the plethora of printing options before them.

Of all printing techniques in the market today, offset printing tops the list in popularity. This method uses a limited amount of ink to print the image on metal plates first and then it transmits it onto paper. This method is most suitable for bulk printing, as it is both faster and lesser expensive than other techniques in the market.

Other well known forms of printing that have developed over time are electrostatic printing, which can be compared to photocopying, and thermal printing, which creates the print impression by heating layered thermal paper selectively.

However, digital printing is the most recent technological innovation in this field. As the name indicates, in this method, images are created on a computer, which are then checked for correctness and are then printed. This mode is fast and error free, but is suitable most of the times for small volumes. As this method allows every single print to be customized it has resulted in some novel uses like computer form printing, where documents like bills and receipts are printed on a standard layout but with varying contents for each customer.

Printing services took another leap when the internet started becoming popular. Printing companies have their own websites that clients can use from the comfort of their homes or offices and register orders after having a look at online printing samples.

Printing has always taken giant leaps every time there has been a technological advancement. The best part about this trend is that it will continue well into the future and keep improving the performance and cost effectiveness of printing services.

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