How Paint Colours Can Change Interior Design

Although finding the right colors to paint your house doesn’t seem such a difficult task, it can be something pretty cumbersome to accomplish. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rely on the experience of an interior design expert, who knows all about choosing and matching colors. You might have a favorite color scheme but that doesn’t make it automatically the best choice for the room you want to decorate.

As colors produce a sharp emotional response to each of us, first, you must discover what emulsion induces you the strongest idea of comfort and coziness. Then learn how to manipulate it to your interiors advantage. Interior designers advise browsing more house decoration web sites allowing you to compare different room designs before making your choice.

Most interior designers keep three important things in mind when decorating a house: the clients personal preferences, their lifestyle and the structure of the room. There are also designers who rely on feng shui principles in their quest for harmony and balance for ones home environment. Understanding the psychological effects colors have on people’s minds is the key to design rooms which will foster health, well-being and prosperity.

Other things to be considered when designing a room are the effect of light on the chosen color scheme and the way furniture and wall painting mix together. For harmonizing interiors, there’s a rule you should always obey: the 60-30-10 principle. Color choices must be divided into the following percentages: 60 percent is a dominant color, 30 percent is a secondary color and 10 percent is the accent color.

Trend followers must be careful: trendy colors can be refreshing, but they must also blend in with the rest of the objects in the room. If you prefer trendy shades of pink like bubblegum, coral, or traditional rose, choose them for your room, but without forgetting to add the appropriate furniture details. A monochromatic palette of emulsion smell free can make your house look even more beautiful.

Those who live in a house with connecting rooms where you can see from one room into another should create a harmonious flow by combining colors that relate to each other in a pleasing way.

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