How One Can Choose Between Different Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are common household products, but what many people do not know is that there is not one standard variety. There are four basic types, all producing somewhat different results. This is a guide to help choose between them.

Automatic Drip

In this kind, the user pours water into the top, which is then made to slowly leak down into a filter containing grounds. It passes through the filter and into the pot underneath. The coffee is kept warm by a heating pad. This kind brews quickly and can make more than one cup at the same time, causing a drastic decrease in wait time.

A Single Serve Brewer

This kind can only make one cup at a time, but it is very quick and requires minimal cleanup afterward. The coffee grounds are sold in pre-measured packs and there are many flavors to choose from. One pack is placed in the labelled area and water is added, brewing quick and easy coffee. Of course, the fact that it only makes one cup may be a disadvantage for some.

A Percolator

Offered in many sizes, this model works by setting a basket of grounds just above the top of the water. The water, as it warms, is forced through a series of small pipes to run through the grounds and come back to the bottom. It is heated either by placing the unit on a stovetop or one can purchase an electric model.

A French Press

This is often preferred by those who love coffee because it can create the thickest flavor. The grounds are directly in contact with the water through the whole process. Grounds and water are placed together in the pot and pressing down a plunger forces the grounds to sink to the bottom and the finished coffee to rise back to the top.

Coffee makers come in many different types. All are equally effective, but decide which one fits your lifestyle best.

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