How Juvenile Probation Is Determined

Juvenile probation is mostly a system established using the Court system which facilitates a juvenile offender to acquire structure to help to stop further delinquent or criminal actions within the future.

Kids will be kids and as an element of maturing some may experiment or indulge in pranks and pursuits that may sound like fun. They may well not look at the long-term results of these types of activities or understand they were inappropriate. On the other hand, there are kids who may push the limits understanding it was inappropriate and illegal and not caring of the end result.

Juvenile probation was developed with all young people in mind, to show good results with children and their families to rehabilitate and lead them down the proper paths in life as well as teaching them the appropriate legal guidelines and also the implications of breaking such laws. This also helps deter young people from going into the adult system later in life.

Exactly how do juveniles get referred to the Juvenile Probation Department? On contact with law enforcement, the person will likely be written up on a referral form. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, a juvenile could be released to the mother and father and need to appear at a probation department at a future time. In the event the young person has committed a serious offense, they can be sent to a detention center for juveniles. The determination also involves whether the child is a first time or repeat offender.

Whenever the probation department is provided with a juvenile referral form, the probation officer will then examine the details of the offense. Based on the criminal offense committed, if it is a crime requiring restitution to the victim, or whether or not the teenager is really a first time or repeat offender, usually are all circumstances that can ascertain if the referral has to be directed to the County Attorney’s Office for assessment. From that time, the County Attorney will probably make the final decision for whether or not the referral needs to be taken care of informally by the probation officer, or if the juvenile will need to go through the Superior Court System where the implications are determined by a Judge.

If it is taken care of informally, the parents and juvenile offender are called into the probation department to discuss the participation in the offense stated. If the young person establishes he isn’t guilty, then it will immediately go through the court process. If not, they are able to state what they did, and then the probation officer will teach the juvenile what the law is, and order penalties for instance counseling, community service, or written essays to identify a few penalties.

In case the teenager is going to Court, it might be determined by the judge for a term of probation for a year or two, or until the teen’s 18th birthday. This will come with a different set of rules and regulations to adhere to through this term of probation. Breaking virtually any of these regulations could end in the teenager going back to court to see the Judge. During the time period of probation, the probation officer assigned to the case will work with the child in hopes of a successful conclusion with the child having acquired much more proper conduct and go on to become a law abiding person.

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