How Is A Bowie Knife Different From A Hunting Knife?

Understanding the difference between hunting knives and bowie knives can be a little difficult. Part of this is because bowie knives ARE hunting knives, at least to some extent. However, you’ll find a much wider range of blade shapes in hunting knives that you will with bowies. What will you find? Is a hunting knife or a bowie the best choice for your needs? While only you can answer that question with any accuracy, you’ll find the information here helps a bit.

Therefore, you’ll find that bowie knives differ from hunting knives in several different ways. How do they differ? As mentioned, bowies are used for many different things. While they have long held a place in hunting, as well as camping, fishing and general use, they also serve a purpose in self-defense. Hunting knives, while they can be used for purposes other than those intended by the knife’s creator, usually don’t do an adequate job in these different areas.

The largest difference is that your bowie is a multiuse tool. It can be used for skinning or for gutting. Likewise, it can be used for chopping vegetables, wood or even slicing through meat or fruit. Bowie knives are far more versatile than general hunting knives. You will also find that most bowie knives are far larger than hunting knives. The average hunting knife is only five inches long, or less. A bowie, on the other hand, is usually no shorter than six inches in length, though they can surpass twelve inches in many cases. So size is certainly one of the differentiating factors.

As you can see, a bowie knife is very different from a standard hunting knife. However, they are often classified as hunting knives and are sold in sporting goods under that label. This doesn’t mean that they are for use in hunting alone, though. In addition, you will find that a bowie knife will put you in good stead for a variety of situations, whether you need to do some work around your home, or just want protection in your car.

Therefore, bowie knives differ from hunting knives in size, design and intended usage. While a hunting knife is usually only a single-use tool, you’ll find far more benefits with a bowie. This is because a single knife can be used for multiple needs, ensuring that you don’t need to carry several different blades with you all the time.

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