How Herniated Discs Cause Pain In Your Back

The spinal cord is a simple arrangement of bones and cushioning discs between them. However, the nerves these bones are protecting can be affected when there is a problem with those bones or discs. One of these problems is herniated discs.

Back injuries are the common cause of discs becoming herniated. Aging can also help discs to get weak enough for them to move out of alignment more easily from constant strain on the back. When these discs affect the nerves, the pain can be varied.

As you age, the spinal discs become less tough than they are when you are younger. Once this elasticity is lost, the occurrence of injury can be more likely to happen. Pain is usually felt in tingling sensations or electric shocks down into the legs. If the upper back is the area experiencing a herniated disc, then pain is sometimes felt in the arms.

Pinched nerves to an injured disc can cause pain that is excruciating. Persons with this condition may also experience muscle weakness. This is due the interruption of signals from the nerves for movement. This can cause immobility and complete bed bound rest.

In many cases, treatment for troubling discs is done with medications to relieve the pain. Physical therapy for strengthening the muscles in the spinal area is also an option. Your doctor may advise you to get as much rest as you can and limit the activities that are strenuous. Applications of ice and heat may also be advised.

One a person has reached an intolerable level of pain, surgical intervention may be required. The procedure called discectomy may be the only way to alleviate pain. This surgery involves removing the particles and fragments of disc that are causing the nerve pain. Many patients have reported to have no pain after the healing process is over.

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