How Gaming ATX Cases Protect Your Software Investments

If you’re wondering why, exactly, gaming ATX cases from the big gaming manufacturers are such a hot item, well, it’s simple. Here’s exactly why gamers love these cases more than the standard issue:

These gaming cases are tough.

Your home computer set up consists of more than just your PC tower. It is also the surface that the tower or monitor sits on. Depending on the area, you probably have stacks of games, your strategy guides, books, software discs, spare drinks and snacks and even your computer accessories like controllers placed within reach in case you need them. Have you ever had a stack of CD cases fall over when you try to pull out the one you want? A Gamer ATX case would have made it possible to find, remove and use your software CDs without having to re-stack them or pick them up off the floor. Gamer ATX cases are made from strong and resilient materials that resists scratches and chips and stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

They’re Airtight

Or as close as you need them to be. We’re all gamers here, so let’s be truthful. When was the last time your PvP shooter match got so intense you lost all control and spilled your sugary, caffeinated drink all over your PC tower? I’ll bet at least once. These ATX cases can take it, just be sure to wipe it up as soon as possible.

The cases are wicked looking.

As with any and all useful PC gaming gear, these cases look pretty sweet. Look at companies like Alienware and you’ll see that their appeal is fifty percent practical, fifty percent cool. Does your green, glowing keyboard help you own those tournaments any more efficiently? Of course not, but it makes you feel like you’re gaming in the twenty first century, and sometimes, that’s worth a couple extra bucks.

ATX game cases are specifically designed to house and protect your games.

Depending on your needs, there are ATX cases that hold CDs and even other items such as sound cards, modems, and your other computer paraphernalia; keeping them all safe and within easy reach if you need them. The ATX gamer cases are designed with the gamer in mind. Most computers are meant to be easy enough for use by any member of the family and are not likely to be specially geared towards gamers. Many of us inherit our first computers from an older brother or parent who purchased a new one so it is unlikely to be set up in a way that makes game-play more enjoyable. Designing and organizing your gaming space with new gaming cases is easy so you will enjoy it more even if your computer isn’t lightning fast.

They also add to your PC individualism.

Let’s be completely and totally honest here: When we have friends come over, don’t we WANT them to ooh and ahh at our gaming stuff? All gaming consoles look the same, but not all gaming PCs have to look the same, so why leave your PC looking exactly like your grandpa’s computer? By hooking yourself up with a custom gaming ATX case, you can give yourself a sweet style that’s all your own.

There you have it. Convinced? Well whether or not this has you dying to get your hands on one, at least now you know the appeal of ATX cases that are being designed specifically for, and marketed specifically at, PC gamers.

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