Develop Telepathy; Yes You Really Can Become Telepathic!

Essentially, telepathy is the process of transferring your feelings, emotions, and even thoughts to another person using nothing apart from mind power.

Interestingly enough, a certain amount of telepathic ability is present in virtually all people. However, it’s unfortunate that the vast majority of people have no idea as to how to control this ability on a conscious level. While practically everyone experiences some telepathic activity on a subconscious level from time to time, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could control this ability as and how we see fit, in order to communicate.

Have you ever been walking down the road feeling as though you are on top of the world, only to bump into someone you know, and to discover they are feeling depressed and miserable? Within just a short space of time your own mood will have changed to be more in line with that person’s mood. Even so, there is still much skepticism regarding the use of mind power.

Essentially, it’s not the words which that person spoke which affected your mood, but rather the transference of their feelings and emotions to your own subconscious mind, and of course this is without a doubt, a form of telepathic communication.

Interestingly enough, scientific studies have determined that if one accesses ones subconscious mind and focuses their thoughts towards a certain individual, it then becomes possible to once again awaken our telepathic ability.

As with our regular form of communication, we are taught as children by our parents and teachers. Not only do our elders teach us the art of speech, but they also teach us body language. In fact, so effective is this method of teaching that we even learn to speak using the same accents. Unfortunately, we only learn to communicate in the ways which we are taught.

How different would things be had our parents decided to teach us about that “other” certain ability? How would things be today if our parents taught us how to communicate with our minds? Surely, just because our parents never taught us, doesn’t necessarily mean that we can never learn to do it.

Let’s take a quick look at some things you may wish to try in order to awaken your dormant ability:

Mental Training

As children learning to communicate, we had to learn how to control the movement of our mouth, and we had to learn how to strengthen our voice boxes. In much the same way, one needs to learn how to strengthen and develop your telepathic muscles.

Interestingly enough, that part of your brain which controls telepathic communication, functions at its best on a subconscious level which is similar to a trancelike state. In essence, this trancelike state is simply a level deep relaxation which all humans can achieve with relative ease.

You can be rest assured that if you learn how to relax your mind, you will be able to reach a trancelike state of mind without any difficulty at all.

The Importance of Being Able To Focus

This is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges of all because it is certainly not easy to remain focused during a time when you’re experiencing a trancelike state of mind. The next time you have a practice session, you need to practice focusing on someone you’d like to make contact with.

Ideally you need to imagine this person in your mind, and it needs to be associated with happy thoughts. You need to picture this person actually receiving your thoughts and your feelings, and you need to maintain this focus for as long as you feel it necessary, in order to allow that person to feel the connection.

Now you need to interrupt your focus in order to sever any contact with the other person. They should in turn feel that the contact has been broken and that communication has been lost, and as a result, they should then try and re-establish a connection from their side.

The reason why it is advisable for you to practice focusing while you’re on your own, is so that when the time comes for you to practice with a partner, your mind will already be conditioned to receive images, thoughts, feelings, and impressions.

Practicing With a Partner

Ideally, you need to choose one person to be the sender and one person to the receiver. Of course, the sender should only try to project simple things, particularly in the beginning. You will find it is best to start off with simple items which are brightly colored and easily recognizable.

The receiver on the other hand should be prepared in order to take down notes with regards to any thoughts or impressions which they feel they receive.

When you reach the end of your training session, the two of you should go ahead and compare notes in order to establish how many impressions were correct. You can be a rest assured that the more times you practice, the better you will get.

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