How Do RSS Submissions Boost Your Site?

Network marketing is really connected in many ways. Without a good link building program or link wheels or powerful rss submissions you may as well leave your business plan in your notebook or under a rock. There is an old song that says ” I am a rock. I am an Island.” If that is true in your business, you might indeed be alone upon an island with virtually no customers to serve. You have to be able to connect with others online as well as with an offline business.

There are most elements of managing your online business. Link building may be among the most necessary. Why? Because one primary aim of links is to bring targeted prospects to your site. Of course if your links are all outbound without any backlinks to balance them you will not gain much strength with search engines. You want your link building program to be a well-rounded and balanced process that works organically and doesn’t appear forced such as a link blast. Link services like Unique Article Wizard, LinxBoss, SE Nuke, MyArticle Network, etc. all have methods for syndicating your content and spreading it to many places in unique forms.

I was once told that every internal page ought to link to every other page in the website. Maybe that is wise, it might be more than is needed. For the very minimum, each internal page must link to another page besides your sitemap to obtain the best use from it. You really want your visitors to stay at your site and look around. Encourage them to spend time there (instead of at another person’s site) and yes, be exposed to whatever forms or ads you may have on all of those same pages. This is a case where repetition makes common sense.

People talk on the subject of Link Wheels. But still there is much confusion regarding how you can set them up. Also not everyone is clear about just how they benefit your sites. This can vary according to your market and how much competition there is for your keywords. It will help to check out the top ten sites in your niche and examine how they rank for your primary keywords. See how strong their PR is and even more vital, give consideration to the sites linking back to them. What anchor texts are they using? What is their PR?

Essentially a link wheel is really a network of sites related to your main website. They make great use of social media and are extremely successful for many niches. However they do require your attention and care if they are to be effective at all. In case you just set them up and ignore them they’ll fade away. The greatest thing to do would be to plan ahead to update them everytime you update your main web site. Which will keep them active. Also if you continue to send site visitors to them, they will continue to route traffic for your primary site.

One reason it’s good to complete RSS submissions is it helps get your site indexed quickly. In addition, you acquire some decent backlinks. Until recently I never really considered RSS as a serious backlink building tool. When you finally understand the true power of RSS submissions you won’t ever skip it again. The true power of RSS Feed submissions isn’t from simply submitting the main feed from your site. Rather the true power comes from dominating while using long tail terms that most site content pieces are designed for. Actually the real strength of RSS Feed submissions comes from automatically getting good quality deep links to every single page on your site.

You can find numerous link building programs online. Nonetheless they usually are not equal. Some are simply link farms with neither content nor substance. Some work with a network of blogs which means it makes a big difference if their blogs have good rankings or not. You need to do some background work to choose a service that will help you not hurt you. You can find a link building program that specializes in one way links or another that provides 3 way or multiple way links. There are merits to each of these. .

The value of the one way links you generate yourself with your own article writing cannot be understated. These will continue to give you traffic and value for a long time after you have written a worthwhile article. Each time your syndicated article is published you will see a new wave of traffic. That is your reward for a job well done in the first place. With all your careful website design and careful SEO planning it helps to know that when you are not using link wheels or rss submissions or possibly a professional link building program to promote your websites you are leaving money on the table. If that’s the case, you may as well be a rock on an island as they said in that old song.

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