How Chiropractic Helps Sport Injuries In Round Rock, TX

Round Rock chiropractic therapy for sports injuries is increasing in demand. Many professional trainers and athletes are using chiropractors because they have heard about, and seen, the positive results. Lots of sports injuries can affect the spinal area. This can result in weakness, loss of endurance, restricted movement, slow reflexes, and decreased performance.

It is not just professionals who are opting for chiropractic therapy. The public is becoming more aware of the importance of exercise. This has resulted in an increase in the number of children, men and women playing sport. Therefore, more injuries are occurring.

A collision, a fall, a trip or a slip can cause a serious injury. The majority of sports related injuries affect muscles or ligaments that attach bones to one another. Common injuries occur in the shoulders, knees or ankles. The lower back and neck are often harmed during a contact sport.

When consulting a chiropractor, he or she will want to assess the injury accurately and determine what damage has been caused. In this regard, it might be necessary to conduct an MRI scan or take X-rays. Once the extent and nature of the injury has been assessed, there are various chiropractic therapies that can be applied.

They include TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), hot or cold therapy, or trigger point therapy. These are designed to relax muscle spasms, relieve pain and inflammation, and increase mobility. Hot or cold therapy is commonly used for sports related sprains and strains.

The chiropractor might also do a spinal manipulation. This involves pressure being applied by the chiropractor’s hands. The injury might have resulted in a vertebra slipping out of its place. During a spinal manipulation, it can carefully be moved back into position.

If not managed carefully, even strains and sprains can cause long-term problems. A person could suffer with immobility, weak or painful muscles, and unstable joints. At a Round Rock chiropractic facility, people with sports injuries will get a professional assessment and the appropriate therapy.

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