How Can You Pass Your Private Pilot Training?

Every person who is undertaking flight training would want to make sure that they get a smooth path straight towards their private pilot certificate. That is very understandable, because getting the education needed to earn a private pilot certificate is in no way cheap.

It goes by thousands of dollars, hence, with that investment a student pilot needs to make sure that there is a return to be expected from the money he has put in. Here are three sure fire ways that one can make sure he will earn his private pilot certificate.

First, you have to fly frequently. One common mistake among student pilots is that they don’t log much hours in each flight because, understandably, of the costs that are involved. However, what they don’t know is that they are actually saving money on their flight training if they fly more than just an hour every time. With each hour you add into your logbook, the closer you put yourself to that first solo or your private pilot checkride. Of course, when you fly frequently you also get to practice and learn a lot more from your instructor. So, the next time you decide to fly, make sure that you log in at least an extra hour or even two to your logbook.

Second, you have to select the most ideal instructor for you. Some student pilots, in their haste to start their training, fail to make careful consideration as to which certified flight instructor they will tap to facilitate their flight training. What results most of the time is that they learn so slow. Sometimes it’s not about the knowledge or the raw skill that a certified flight instructor has; it has something to do with his style of teaching as well as his ability to maintain a good professional relationship with the student. One teaching style that works for one student may not work for the other. Before you fully commit to an instruction from a CFI, observe first if he is able to fit your needs and if he has the makings of one who can effectively steer you to succeeding in your private pilot training.

The final technique is something that every pilot should know about: SELF-STUDY! It doesn’t mean that you dump your CFI entirely. It just means that you should cultivate the attitude of constantly studying to complement the things that you have learned from your CFI. That’s how a pilot progresses: by a combination of instruction and additional research.

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