What To Do To Make A Girl To Like You

To get a girl to love you, you have to be, bold, ever bold and everywhere bold, as Goethe, something of a Don Juan himself (apologies to his compatriots) said. Faint of heart never wins the fair hand, goes another proverb. If you are the Marlon Brando or Elvis Presley type, or even one of those millionaire CEOs (money and power are aphrodisiacs), this is not your problem and you do not need the advice that follows.

Dem muetigen gehort die Welt, goes the German proverb, meaning the courageous shall conquer the world.

John has done his share of pining and sighing, and it is action time now. He has come to a point of decision and made up his mind about the damsel, to go all the way, even unto matrimony, if that is where the lane leads.

For John, sighing days are over, and he stands up to act and to strategize. Decision has crystallized and unbeknownst to herself, Jill has become a quarry, and John the determined tracker.

Wooing is not a matter of tricks of the trade, but a thing of the heart. It is a matter of making an inner commitment and putting it into action. James (suppose) is serious and really intends marriage. In that case, courtship is a prolonged process of negotiating a big deal. Even if James is not thinking so far ahead, even flirting or having an affair is the same thing a little lower down in the spectrum. Jane, as classmate or similar is accessible, and you do not have to climb a wall to catch a glimpse or exchange words.

Let us suppose John is seriously inclined even to the point of contemplating marriage or its current closest equivalent in his country. In such a case, to take an unromantic simile, courtship is the equivalent of negotiating a deal by marketing your merchandise and signing the contract, even though it could be an unwritten one.

Love is more giving than taking. You dress well, you put forth the best of yourself, you show your worthiness and worth, not for your own sake alone, not because of a toy you desire, but because human relations, including that which goes by the name love, is a two-lane traffic, and, if this is not too philosophical, giving is receiving.

To get a girl to love you, you have to love her first, even one sidedly to start with, pressing till the beloved prey is in your bag.

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