How Can We Motivate High Performers And High Potentials

High Performers and High Potentials are essential for your company. They need to be motivated. The objective of this article is to show you how. High Performers are good at their job, they are committed, they possess all the technical skills, they have a strong personality and they have the right attitude towards your company.

High Potentials are Future Leaders and are worthy of investment. They are highly motivated, they are looking for advancement and they are impatient and they are looking for rapid advancement. How can we motivate these High Performers and High Potentials? Can we find any answers to this question in the writings of Maslow, Herzberg and McClelland? What do they have to say?

Maslow’s famous Pyramid of Needs shows five levels of needs: Physiological, Safety/Security, Social Belonging, Ego Esteem and Self Actualisation. Maslow would suggest increasing the Social Belonging of High Performers and High Potentials to the company by making them buy into the company with their hearts. Put them all together in one room and have them discuss the issues, or let them meet in outings and in communities. Their Ego is so high that they will tend naturally to Self Actualisation.

Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory involves Hygiene Factors like Salary, Security and Fringe Benefits and Motivational Factors like Challenging Work, Recognition and Responsibility. Herzberg notes that the lack of Hygiene Factors can be strongly demotivating. He suggests that we ensure that Hygiene Factors like salary, security and fringe benefits are safe and secure for your High Performers and High Potentials. That’s the irrefutable base. They need Challenging Work, Recognition and Responsibility. Give them these and they will be motivated.

McClelland’s theory is also about needs. According to him needs are: Affiliation, Power, Need to Achieve. High Performers and High Potentials have high expectations of themselves.

To summarise, to motivate High Performers and High Potentials in your company, you have to find ways to engage your Top Employees! If you have not yet done so, you should find symbolic rewards for your Top Employees. And one more bit of advice: communicate in a positive way and preserve a positive community at all cost. Give voice to your High Potentials and High Performers!

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