How Can Remembering My Past Life Help With This One?

Reincarnation or the believe that we have lived a past life, is becoming increasingly accepted and explored by people from all walks of life. Why? Because we now know that the secrets to being successful in our present lives is about knowing what happened in all the lifetimes before.

Have you ever taken time out to wonder ‘what did I do in my past life?’ If so, you are not alone. Previous life regression presents the key to all the answers of the past, future, and, of course, the present.

Past life regression is the belief that we are eternal souls who are reincarnated each time our physical bodies die. As eternal beings, we carry forward our lessons learned, experiences, desires, and needs from one lifetime into the next.

It is believed that we each rebirth, we choose our current mission our purpose for living. By getting the answers to ‘What happened in my past life?’ you can understand why you are here today and make sure you do not go into your next reincarnation with leftover baggage.

Discovering the main purpose underlying ‘What did I face in my past life’ will greatly aid in the healing of old wounds, develop success in the present day; guide seekers into making the right career decisions, aid in forming relationships with friends and partners and devise the deep sense of the self people look towards.

A number of successful and accepted methods of unlocking the truth of our previous lives can be explored. Hypnosis is a tremendous means of finding out about prior lives. The process puts people into altered mental states which make unlocking the past easier. This is because the relaxed state can dig out those memories.

A trained past life regression therapist has the professional insight to coach us into accessing these repressed memories. As well as helping us deal with the emotions that may come up, during a past life regression session.

Self-hypnosis and visualization can also help access your memories of ‘Who was I in my past life.’ Simply find a quiet, private space and focus on clearing the mind. Leave a notebook beside your bed and start writing down your dreams first thing every morning. Repressed memories are often played out in our dreams, as we review some of the more vivid and realistic scenes from our past. Focus on the thoughts, images, and feelings you wrote down to help you unlock the significance behind these past life scenes.

Look at any patterns that emerge when recording your dreams or meditating, they may be signaling past life memories you have not yet dealt with. Though you may consciously want to retrieve knowledge about ‘Who was I during my past life’ some individuals have an irrational fear that their past might be filled with sins or evil deeds and unconsciously bury the memories.

Most of the fears people feel are not well founded. Instead of taking such an approach it is best to just allow the mind to naturally wander. Cease with all the mental blocks and accept what is revealed in the mind. Seek the questions behind what you did in a past life and do so by taking stock of the characteristics that define your being.

Make lists of favorite foods, your fears, your talents, your physical characteristics, things that attract you or repulse you. A fascination with a time period from the past, an ancient sculpture, a well-known painting from an earlier decade, obsession with a certain style of cuisine or a strong desire or need to travel to a certain area may be a clue from the subconscious mind.

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