How Can I Stop Foreclosure with a Forensic Loan Audit?

When homeowners get turned down by the bank for a loan modification, a forensic loan audit is the essential tool to use in turning that around.  Banks are not and never have been in the business of helping people; they are in the business of making money.  The lender sees no good reason to give you a lower payment just because you are experiencing hard times.  They are only interested in seeing the loan they gave you “perform” – which equates to monthly payment made on time.

In many cases, when the lender is reviewing your paperwork to see if they will give you a loan mod, calculations will show that they can make more money at less risk if they do not give you a loan modification.  That is usually why you find yourself in foreclosure. The Forensic Loan Review is your most essential tool to show that foreclosure is no longer a money-making option for the bank –imagine if there is fraud – now there’s some risk to the bank!

A Forensic Loan Review or Forensic Loan Audit, sometimes also called a Mortgage Audit is a complete investigation of the loan that the bank gave you.  The audit is done specifically to find all the Federal Laws that the lender violated.

Tila Solutions is an Audit Company that investigates loans.  If you have a predatory loan, you will need a Forensic Loan Audit. If you feel that the lenders, withheld information from you, rushed you, mislead you or perhaps gave you a loan that could contain fraud, then you need to get your loan investigated.  It gives you ammunition to stop the bank in their predatory servicing practices.   It helps you get that loan mod you’ve been trying so hard to get.

As you may recall, when you signed your loan documents you heard or saw reference to TILA, RESPA, HOEPA and ECOA.  Those laws were passed to help prevent you from getting a predatory loan – which is a loan that consumes you financially, and inevitably puts you on the road to foreclosure. These laws  are also supposed to ensure that you understand what you are getting before you sign, and give you a choice to back out.  Tila Solutions Examiners review all these Federal Laws that protect you as a borrower.

While Tila Examiners are investigating  the loan to see if it complies with federal regulating bodi3s and their guidelines as well as TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, and ECOA they are on the lookout for fraud committed by the banks – and their investigations have shown that the banks are guilty of much fraud over the past decade!

Remember this:  A performing loan is a loan that has a monthly payment coming in on time every single month.  The lender loves that  nice profit with hardly any risk.  This is all they want, and you will be their valued customer if you do it.  If you are not going to give them their money, then the bank will calculate the risk of modifying your loan against other methods of making money.  And you will no longer be a valued customer to them!

And that is why you need to get Tila Solutions to perform a forensic loan audit for you.  The bank loses much of its firepower against you and no longer has the ability to travel down other money-making avenues if the loan contains federal violations or fraud.  Tila Examiners will methodically go through your loan sometimes producing a report numbering in the 40-page range.

Sadly, some people have been told that a Forensic Loan Review will do them no good!  This is absolutely false.  Once the Forensic Loan Review is done, something effective must be done with it. Because lenders, who often act like they can operate above the law, will tell homeowners it means nothing and that the homeowner just wasted his money!  That is why Tila Solutions offers a free service to help negotiate on your behalf once his investigation is completed.  The Lenders push borrowers around and mislead them all the time.  Borrowers have to remember that it was these people who lied to him in the beginning, and it is these people who are still lying to him today.  Tila Solutions Negotiators work on behalf of the homeowner to make sure that you get your loan modification.

There is a homeowner hotline at Tila Solutions that you can call.  Their consultants will interview you and help you identify whether or not you have a need to get your loan investigated because of the possibility that you have predatory loan. They can help you determine if your loan is in need of a Forensic Loan Audit.

If you have been turned down for a loan mod then contact a Tila Consultant. If you are nearing or are in foreclosure, a Tila Consultant can help.  They can also help people who are current on their loans or those with investment properties.  A Forensic Loan Audit helps with commercial loans as well.

You can call a Tila Solutions Consultant at    1 – 7 0 2 – 5 0 8 -0 3 3 5.

Visit     Uk marriage visa to learn more about a Forensic Loan Review and to learn how to take advantage of the free negotiation service offered by Tila Solutions.  The Tila Solution website is loaded with information and solutions.

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