How Can I Still Forgive Her For Cheating On Me?

Life is so good that you are given someone to love. All the while you may have thought you found a love of a lifetime however not until you found out she has been cheating on you. No matter how long she was already cheating, it’s hardly painful to handle the truth that your girl made a fool out of you. Forgiving may not occur in an instant but in any way you will learn how to. There will be a time that you shall ask yourself, “For cheating on me, how can I forgive her?”

Reckon why you should Forgive her for Cheating

Getting to the bottom line of it all, what are actually your intentions why your doors are still open? Introspect about those things since it is only you who could answer it. To warn you, not all reasons are good ones. There are bad reasons too that could still do nothing to ease the pain and make things work in the long-term.

This is about examining if it still worth it. It is such a waste to exert the needed effort that just leads to nowhere. A relationship has to move forward as soon as forgiveness starts. A second chance has to be for the better and not for the worse.

The good reasons why you should forgive her:

You deeply love each other.

You had a lasting relationship together.

She is your partner in life and you can’t even consider sharing your life with anyone else.

You have knowledge that she is heavyhearted for hurting you so much.

You are assured in her love for you.

You do not think she will cheat again.

You bring out the best in each other.

Not-so-Good Grounds for Forgiveness of Cheating

You believe she is the best you can do. Speaking up might make you lose her. To be your best, she has to exist in your everyday life. Forgiving her will create a greater love for you. Insecurity rules over your feelings. Until now, you are still trying to have her heart.

If you rise up against the cheating, you are afraid that you will lose her.

Speaking up might make you lose her.

You think she will love you more.

You haven’t been together long but you’d like it to last a little longer.

Insecurity rules over your feelings.

You’re still trying to win her heart.

Can you see the not so subtle differences between the two? There are plenty of healthy reasons for allowing a second chance and quite a few that aren’t so healthy. You’ll have to decide which reasons you have for considering forgiveness and then figure out whether or not you can really do it.

Pursuant to giving yourselves another try, everything else will just come in place. What makes it easy is already stated earlier thus to optimize it, you just have to see the good stuff of your partner. Remember the times when you planned out things together? All those dreams you formed saved for the future? Focus on those things and certainly, faults will be harder to find in a positive outlook on a relationship just the like the reasons above for examining a second try.

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