How Can I Repair An XBOX 360?

If own an XBOX 360, you are definitely not alone! It’s easily the most popular gaming system out there. Unfortunately, it can break and then you’re faced with those scary 3 red lights lit up on your system. So what are your options to fix an XBOX?

There’s all sorts of XBOX repair suggestions floating around. Different people have suggested various strategies to fix a broken XBOX 360, but most of these are complete bunk!

For example, somebody brought out “the towel trick”. Apparently somebody thought that wrapping up your system in a bath towel would magically fix it! Naturally this is more likely to start a fire than repair your XBOX!

And unfortunately this silly trick isn’t the only XBOX repair myth out there – there’s a lot more. Some people have attempted to crack open the case and used a welding tool to fix the problem. There’s a lot of working parts in an XBOX, and breaking open the case like this is bound to cause more troubles – don’t try it!

Of course, you have the option of sending in your XBOX 360 to Microsoft and let them fix it, but this isn’t a wise choice either. Not only will you be without your XBOX for 4-8 weeks and you also are asked to dish out $140 plus shipping to get it back. That’s a long wait and a lot of cash!

I’ve always thought that the cost Microsoft charges is way too expensive. They should be prepared to help their customers for a more reasonable price, especially when it doesn’t cost them close to that amount to fix your system. But I imagine they are out to earn money anyway possible.

The best option is to get a good XBOX 360 repair manual to show you how to fix it on your own. You can now find a few XBOX repair manuals that you can find that have been assembled by master technicians that have lots of experience in repairing the XBOX 360.

These manuals show you easy to follow directions and the best ones even come with full video instructions to make it even easier to follow. Truth is, repairing your system isn’t difficult when you have the correct instructions.

The 360 is a powerful game system that keeps dominating the video game world. XBOX 360 repair guides give you fabulous way to fix your XBOX if you ever need to. Happy gaming!

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