How Can A Business Broker Assist Anyone To Sell Or Buy A Business?

If you are interested to buy a business, or if you are a business owner who wants to sell, it’s recommended that you utilize the services of a professional to assist you during the process. A business broker is such a professional and he can assist both buyers and sellers during the buying/selling transaction.

As a general rule you don’t find young people fresh out of college in the field of business broking. This is because you need an in depth knowledge of the business world in order to do the job well. Business brokers are thus often retired business owners, bankers or accountants. These guys not only know what makes for a successful business, but they also know how to interpret financial statements and what questions to ask when buying any type of business.

If you are the seller of an existing business, a broker will sell it for you on a commission basis. That means if they’re not able to make a sale, you don’t pay anything. They will advertise it in all the major newspapers as well as on the Internet. They will deal with all enquiries and meet with prospective buyers.

Once he has dealt with these inquiries, there will usually only be one or two serious candidates left. The broker will then set up a meeting between you and these buyers where they can ask you any remaining questions. Always tell the truth, but also do not part with any confidential business info at this stage. This must wait until you have a formal offer from a buyer and you have accepted this offer.

From the buyer’s side making use of a broker has many benefits as well. Not only does a broker normally have a wide variety of businesses for sale, but he also has the financial statements for all the businesses on file. Once you have signed a confidentiality agreement you will be able to study these statements. If you eventually find a particular business in which you are genuinely interested, the broker will then arrange for you to meet the owner of that business. During this initial meeting you can ask about anything that is still unclear to you.

If you go ahead and make an offer on the business, you can make it subject to the fulfillment of certain criteria. A purchase contract can then be drawn up which only becomes binding once these criteria have been met. You could for example ask that your own accountant verify the accuracy of the financial statements and check the accuracy of stock lists and assets registers.

It therefore makes a lot of sense for both buyers and sellers to make use of a business broker. They have the experience and skills to assist both sides during a sales transaction.

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