How Brian Kop”s Leveling Guide Can Help You

Brian Kopp’s leveling guide is by far the best and most respected leveling guide for Alliance characters in World of Warcraft of all of them. It has also been around for a long time and the author has been playing since the beta. With so much experience, the author has managed to perfect route for levelling as fast as possible.

The guide is only focused on Alliance characters but it will focus on all the starting zones four different races available to you. Just as importantly, it also includes detailed leveling strategies for the last expansion packs, including a guide for level 60 to 70 and a guide for levels 70 to 80.

The guide is also frequently updated, and as each major content patch presents a number of changes, quite often to the lower level content as well, it is important that the guide keeps up with it. For example, shortly after the release of the first expansion pack, the amount of experience needed to level to 60 had been considerably reduced.

Now everything is far easier anyway, but it still does take a long time to level your character to the maximum level. Things really start to slow down once you reach 60 and even again level 70, things start to slow down even more. While this is often find your first character or two, it can get a bit of a grind when you start levelling more characters.

Many people just want to get the end game content as quickly as possible, especially if they have levelled the character or two before. Many people want to try a new class and start raiding as quickly as possible and getting into the battlegrounds. In order to do this, naturally, you want to minimize your levelling time.

This guide helps mostly by way of an in game add-on. This add-on has a database of waypoints which point you in the right direction to pick up the right sort of quests. It will tell you any quests that you should skip which means you save time, since doing quests which are not good for levelling quickly are a complete waste of time if that’s what you want.

There are also many quests in the game, especially in the old world, which require an enormous amount of travelling. These quests are also skipped by this guide and while you might prefer to do them, you can always come back and do them at a later date if you want to get the achievements.

This guide only focuses on levelling your character as quickly as possible. If you want to do anything you missed when you reach the level 80, you can come back and do much easier and quicker. I hope this brian kopp’s leveling guide article was helpful for you!

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