How And Why It Is Important To Keep Your Gutters Clean And Draining Properly

If you become a homeowner you have the responsibility of doing home maintenance. We are going to discuss why it is important to keep your gutters clean and debris free. Most homeowners will forget, or just not think about this task. We will also go over how to physically clean your gutters out. Please use safety measures when tackling this job.

When the garden leafs and small sticks fill up the gutter then a rain comes, you will find that the water then has no place to flow and it backs up. At that point expect your system to become twenty to thirty pounds heavier. There will come a time when the weight of it will cause it to fall off the house and down on to the floor.

Anytime that you have water that is not flowing you are inviting mosquitoes to come and lay eggs. These eggs hatch and you have now created problems with these pests. The gutters are usually installed on top of a facia board, if you have blockage the wood becomes very wet and will become rotted wood that will need replacing.

To clean the gutter you will need a bag, a glove, a small hand spade, and a sturdy ladder. Grab a friend to hold the ladder. Once you are up the ladder, put the gloves on and scoop the debris or use the spade. Continue until you get all the leaves out. Then check the downspout, take it apart with a screw gun if you need to, then put it back together again. Run clean water through it to make sure there is no blockage, and you will be finished.

Every so often you need to look at the screws that hold the gutters onto the home, make sure they are tight and secure. Doing this helps prevent it from coming lose and pulling out of the wall. This is a small thing you can do to ensure that your property is safe to walk around on. Check the other things around your home for safety sake.

At this point, you can see how not to overlook gutter maintenance. Make it a habit to clean them twice each year, and to check them in between. As long as there is no rotten wood and debris in them you are fine. The cleaning itself is not a hard thing to do, just be safety conscience about it and you will be fine.

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