How Allergies Rid Of Your Social Life

Allergies are the total social life killer. Although every bit as serious, it’s different if you have food or drug or even hereditary allergy. But the sort that gives you an ugly response to what you breathe in is a total anti-social malady.

Don’t get me wrong. Allergies, all forms, are critical and call for as much attention. But nothing can be as a social life destroyer than breathed in allergies. Drug and food allergic reactions you can avoid by just not taking or consuming them. But breathed in allergies, there are times that you don’t have a say on what the air around you has.

What if your honey asks you for an outing but you know you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding because you for sure will wind up sneezing endlessly after inhaling the nearby flowers’ pollen.

How about dodging riding in a convertible with friends on countryside streets because even a tiny speck of breathed in dust could set off your skin rash? It also destroys romantic moments. When they give or receive flowers, it’s very certain that they will have watery eyes and do a lot of sneezing. Not to mention, there are people who steer clear of getting pets at home because they are allergic to them.

Talk about major social life buzz kill!

Those are merely “mild” symptoms a person with inhaled allergy can experience. With allergies, your fun is constrained. It’s impossible to revel in a romantic afternoon picnic or a wild road trip with pals, or even get a hairy dog because you know what will happen.

You can take antihistamines to fight allergic reactions, but be careful though. Some, if not most, can make you drowsy. While they have their downside, antihistamines are still your quickest and safest bet in reversing the effects of your allergy. After all, the only other thing that can cure allergic reactions is to avoid having them.

Have antihistamines with you ready always. Choose the kinds that are non-drowsy. It’s better to be prepared since you never know when will you require it. And of course, have a physician look into your allergies. There might be something else he or she may prescribe that will aid you.

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