How A Trip Sparked A Doctor’s Interest In Acupuncture

The son asked his mother a question and she answered. What he saw next became a surprise when he glanced at the table beside her. The hearing aid of the mother lay there. Not needing any assistance, she was able to hear her son clearly for the first time after using the aid for 15 years.

Four thin needles were inserted on the mother’s jaw and neck near the ears as they were inside a cubicle in an acupuncture center at this particular time. On the medical examining table, she was sporting a look of surprise. The mother assured that she was okay. The aid was on the table the entire time she was having a conversation and this came as a good surprise to all.

A local newspaper ran a report about a center which uses acupuncture, a Chinese method of healing where fine needles are inserted into the body, to treat nerve deafness and this is what caught the attention of the mother and son influencing them to go to Washington from NY. In general, acupuncture is for the prevention of pain but here it serves to be a cure for deafness.

Consider that cure only applies to the condition of nerve deafness though. This we can show audiometer results before and after treatment. Out of the population with hearing loss 35 to 40 percent develop nerve deafness and this is the only condition treatable with acupuncture. Sadly, this cannot help those whose deafness resulted from diseases, punctured ear drums, or other causes.

During a family trip to Argentina having his entire family undergo the procedure sparked his interest in Acupuncture, the doctor is careful not to make any inflated claims with regard to the method to any of his patients. On the average, eight treatments would provide a 75 to 80 percent improvement. Older people experience lower levels of improvement. Often possible for 7 to 12 year olds is getting their full hearing abilities back. Boosting the effects of the procedure is possible when people get more treatments afterwards.

Other patients were getting treatments done while waiting outside for his tenth treatment was the US deputy undersecretary of labor for legislative affairs. The undersecretary is a young Montanan whose job is to give the administration precise and unemotional reports on the mood of Congress and the chances for passage of legislation affecting the Labor Department. His left ear suffered a loss of hearing after a 1968 virus attack. He was diagnosed with nerve deafness and the doctors gave him no hopes of ever being cured. Even all types of hearing aids were used to no avail.

The undersecretary said he took the conclusions of his doctors as final and learned to adapt to deafness in one ear, shuffling people who were talking to him to his right side. But the hearing loss was distressing in such activities as hunting and there was a nagging fear of deafness in the other ear. When he read of the acupuncture center opening, he didn’t believe in it. A cure as simple as what they promise is unbelievable. Nevertheless he did not let acupuncture pass and got a preliminary diagnosis of total deafness in his left ear from the audiogram.

Having a phobia for needles did not help as a few of them were inserted in his body causing him to back out completely. From the audiogram machine came a beeping sound. With nine treatments successfully accomplished, he regained 70 percent of his hearing and he vows to return until more improvement is possible.

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