How A Dedicated Hosting Server Can Benefit Your Business

Most businesses start their journey on the Internet with a shared hosting account at some or other hosting company. At that stage your website requirements are rather basic and you normally don’t need a dedicated hosting server.

As time progresses, however, your needs grow. You require better control over your hosting account. With a shared account you share a web server with sometimes up to a thousand other clients. Whenever one of them does something wrong, such as upload a runaway script, the whole server is affected. It is then that you start thinking about a dedicated server.

There are two ways you can go about to get a dedicated hosting server. The first possibility is to buy a new server and then agree with a data center to co-locate it with them. In this case you will pay a monthly/yearly co-location fee. You will need staff to manage the server, fix it when it breaks and to keep the server software updated.

Very often a small business doesn’t have staff with the required skills to do all this. Your best solution then is to rent a dedicated hosting server from a data center/hosting company. When you rent, you also have 2 different options: the first is to manage the server yourself, in which case the skills problem can arise again. The second option is to rent a fully managed server. In this case the data center or hosting company agrees to keep the server in a perfectly running condition and to do all the necessary software updates regularly. If you have a problem, their support staff will be there to help you out.

The managed option thus allows you have your own server without knowing much about the technical side of servers. You can install any software you want, and you don’t have to fear that the actions of another website will bring yours down.

A dedicated hosting server is therefore the perfect choice for a small to medium sized business that is no longer satisfied to share a server. The managed option also means that the level of technical skills needed to run the server is very limited. These servers mostly come out with control panels, so you can do all routine tasks by just clicking on an icon.

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