Houston Mosquito Control: How To Be Mosquito Free

For people who have a lot of trouble getting rid of mosquitoes in their homes, it is a common belief that an effective Houston mosquito control can be achieved through spraying a lot of insecticides and bug sprays all over the house or all over the office. While this may effectively get rid of mosquitoes that are in the immediate vicinity of the room or the hose, it is not actually enough to completely get rid of the mosquitoes for good.

An adequate Houston mosquito control system eliminates mosquitoes where they breed or hide. There may be times when directly spraying the mosquitoes’ breeding place is not sufficient enough to permanently drive them away, and spraying pesticides may not be a long-term solution. So again, the best way to permanently eradicate mosquitoes is to eliminate the places where they breed or hide.

A superior Houston mosquito control company will investigate every place mosquitoes may breed and drain all water there, so the mosquitoes do not return to lay eggs and resume breeding. Another method is to go around the premises of the home or office and check every place that water could possibly accumulate and stagnate, such as clogged rain gutters, sewer drains, leaking faucets, vases, plant pots and even old tires. After draining any stagnant water in these places, they should be covered or overturned to prevent future water from accumulating, and mosquitoes will not be able to make these notorious stagnant water places a future breeding ground.

Mosquitoes also breed in thick grass, brush, and in bushes or undergrowth, and even in trees or other places that tend to retain moisture and offer protection. Mosquitoes often choose these places because it enables them to protect themselves by hiding from birds, dragonflies, bats and other predators. When mosquitoes are not searching for people or animals to suck blood from, dark bushes and trees serve as excellent hiding places for them. For this reason, an effective Houston mosquito control system will always encourage maintenance of trees, bushes and brush on your property, so mosquitoes have to find different hiding spots, which also makes them more susceptible to predator attack. If you are a fountain or bird bath owner, you can place a mosquito dunks in the water to prevent mosquitoes breeding.

And for a truly effective Houston mosquito control system, you should definitely have a follow-up plan. For a long-term mosquito solution, you will want to regularly check for any stagnant or accumulated water around your home, maintain low backyard already undergrowth. As for inspection inside the home, check the windows and screens to ensure there are not any holes or cracks that mosquitoes outside could enter from. Always replace water from the flower vases, and if possible, cover the lid so mosquitoes cannot go inside and change your flower’s vase into a mosquito breeding ground.

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