You know that little cute kid of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? She’s a big fan of auto racing. Crazy right? Tom Cruise actually bought her a miniature replica of a race car that costs $30,000. That is insane. That is more than my car. Can she even spell CAR?

Another insane thing is the latest car that Jay Leno showed off in his show Leno’s Garage, a Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. This is actually the very first car that Leno featured in his show but I have just gotten an hold of that episode so I am raving about only now. He also owns a 2010Mercedes and SLS AMG Gullwing.

My heart stopped with a vintage Ford Model T and the pimped up Bugatti Veyron. You got to respect the man for his taste, really. As if those two weren’t enough. He showed off his DeLorean. Yes, this is the one similar to the car in Back to the Future.

Moving on to the next celebrity, P. Diddy. Well, not exactly P. Diddy but his son who celebrated his 16th birthday with a complete MTV coverage. P.Diddy went through so much controversy when he gave his son a Maybach 57 for $360,000. It was originally reported that he got his son a Maybach Exelero but considering that a Maybach Exelero is worth $8M, I think there is some inaccuracy there.

That security system is one thing that Charlie Sheen should have gotten. His Mercedes was stolen from his home in California but the thief was probably drunk and was not aware that Sheen just boosted it. The thief flew it over a cliff and, well, you know what happened. Another thing that puzzles me is why would Sheen leave the key in car? Who does that?

This may not be news to you but since we are already discussing cars, it has just been announced that there will a Fast and the Furious 5th installment. I am fan of the cars in the movie and this is something I will look forward too. I wonder what kind of cars will be featured and who will be the sponsors. Ferrari? Mustang?

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