Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner – Help Or Hype

The world has developed to be health crazy. There is no getting around it, we are turning towards healthier whole grain cereals and breads, we are exercising more, and we are cleaning our homes like fanatical lunatics. Included in this cleaning craze is the obsession with cleaning our air. We’ve got air purifiers in just about every room. This leads to just one question:

Does it do any good?

To start with, getting an air purifier for your house can be confusing as anything. With all of the different brands to select from and various types of air purification systems, it is nearly unattainable to know which one is any good, if any of them are.

Consequently, of course there’s the burning question, “Do we actually need an air purifier anyway?”. Is the air in our homes really that bad? Haven’t we been breathing this same air long before there ever were air purification systems? What’s changed?

All of these questions are enough to give us a headache, if not outright drive us crazy. Certainly, let’s deal with one question that we at last can answer.

While it is true that we have been breathing the same air for thousands of years, we really have not. With the industrial revolution and all the garbage that is sent into our air from factories, the truth is, the air is not as clean as it used to be. All you have to perform is take a drive down to the factory district in Trenton, NJ and take a whiff. There will be without doubt in your mind that the air down there is dirty.

But the issue goes much deeper than that. If you are wondering why scientists are so concerned about plants, it is simply because they give off the one thing we need to breathe, oxygen. They take in carbon dioxide to do this. So if the plants die, we die. It is that simple. The plants actually are a true air purification system. Still, individuals feel they need electronic air purification systems. Why? How do they function and what good are they, if any at all?

Actually, there are many kinds of systems and each one works in different ways. The primary types of systems are HEPA Filter System, which draw the air through the filter and clean it; Ozone Air Purifiers, which function by generating more ozone molecules in the air; Ionic Air Cleaners, which work by negatively charging the air particles in the room; Electrostatic Precipitators, which work by utilizing positive and negative charges to gather particles; and Electrostatic Filters which work by creating a static charge which attracts and collects particles in the air.

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