Honeywell Air Purifier Reviews – My House Is Clean, Why Do I Need An Air Purifier?

Why should we fuss about air purifiers? Many people are very good housekeepers and yet we hear and read about how the home environment is in such poor conditions. So how can it be filthy and yet you spend time daily cleaning?

An air purifier is a device which aims to free air from contaminants. The popularity of air purifiers spur from the results of environment researches which claim that the air inside houses are dirtier than the air outside of homes.

Here are a few other reasons that your house may be polluted without an air purifier. The family pet is a very big source of home pollution since pet dander consists of allergens. Having an air purifier in the rooms where the pets stay is very worthwhile. If you allow them in your bedroom, run an air purifier constantly and wash your bedding everyday if possible. Vacuum several times a week and run your air purifier on high for a number of minutes after you get done with the vacuum.

Forced air furnaces are also a root cause as they re-circulate dirt, frequently made up of allergens from pet dander as well as other airborne pollutants. Replacing the filters of the entire house filters in the spring and fall is really a must, and it’s even better if you add electrostatic filters to them.

Continuous room fresheners are another source of home pollutants that an air purifier would be able to assist you with removing.

Tobacco is an additional very typical pollutant that also has some severe health risks. If at all possible, smokers ought to go outside.

Outside pollutants that have entered such as industrial discharged particles, gases, and other odor associated with industry. These pollutants have entered and have no way to escape so you’re breathing them with each and every breath.

The type of home air purifiers that you make use of depends upon which type of home pollutants you are most concerned about. Different air purifiers work on different types of pollutants. Some are much better with removing air borne particles and others are better as absorbing odors, cleaning chemical smell and gases.

Home air purifiers (particularly those with HEPA technology and activated carbon) could be of great assistance. By placing a high quality unit in your bedrooms and main living areas, your home will be as clean as it looks. It will also be healthier since the air purifiers have taken the majority of allergens out of the air you’re breathing.

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