Honda Civit GLi Its Pretty Impressive

If you were to sketch an average, nice, neat, modern small sedan, chances are it would finish up looking not unlike a Used Honda Civic GLi. While in no way exciting, let alone compellingly attractive, the GLi’s surface is well executed and hard to fault, thanks to the clean-cut contours and balanced proportions.

At first glance, the four-door Civic’s specifications and inclusions are pretty impressive, too. But in some respects, the realities of the GLi fall slightly short of the promise.

Working away fairly smoothly and discreetly, the GLi’s engine is a bit of a conundrum. Less specified than the five-door Civic Vi’s same-capacity VTEC-valved version, the sedan’s engine is the smallest here Being a Honda, it certainly doesn’t mind a good rev, of course, and its tacho needle can continue rising after the other engines have hit their hobbles.

Trying for good acceleration in the uppermost ratios requires a long, level road and stoic patience. But to its credit, the engine is easy on the juice, even when pedalled heavily.

Since the suspension has a soft-ish bias, the ride is at its most absorbent around town and for highway cruising. But the Honda feels rather rolly through corners and becomes a bit bouncy over rough roads’ heaves and undulations. The brakes perform very well and could rate as the best here if not for the slightly spongy and lifeless pedal.

Civic’s interior makes a good first impression as the furnishings are tasteful, the atmosphere airy, the instruments are as classy as Protege’s and the controls are as good as it getsThe front seats further demote the GLi’s ranking because, while the backrest affords good wrap-around support, the flat cushion is one you perch on rather than sit in.

The situation’s no better in the back because, despite Civic having the longest wheelbase here, rear passengers’ legroom is only average and foot space is slightly pinched.

Moreover, while the bench’s padding is reasonably soft and shapely, the fairly short and low cushion means under-thigh support is found wanting. And, in the final analysis, so is the GLi’s overall score. Search Second Hand Opel Car Sales Wexford for a car that suits your needs

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