Home Security: How To Choose A Realistic Dummy Surveillance Camera

Video surveillance cameras have become one of the most popular and effective home security devices around. However, for some homeowners, the high cost of quality video cameras is a bit off putting. As a result, dummy cameras have become a popular alternative because they offer a more affordable version of the real thing.

Today, dummy cameras have been developed to look stunningly close to real cameras. Some homeowners fear that knowledgeable burglars will be able to identify fake cameras, but there are many realistic options that would fool even the most experienced burglar. Just keep in mind that these cameras can actually be quite expensive compared to some other camera models. To save money and have a realistic camera there are a few key things to look out for.

When buying a dummy camera for home security purposes experts advise that you stick with cameras that do not have a “blinking light.” Many homeowners feel that this imitates a real camera, but most real cameras do not have this light. Also, make sure to buy a dummy home security camera with two wires. Most burglars know that real cameras have two wires. One connects the camera to components of the security system, while the other is a power cable. Many fake cameras only have one wire and this can be a dead give away that the camera is fake.

There are two other things to look for when searching for a realistic looking dummy camera. One is the lens. It is best to buy a dummy camera that has an actual lens, or that looks like it has an actual lens. Secondly, choose a camera with metal housing over a camera with plastic housing. This makes a world of difference. Metal housing gives a more authentic look to dummy cameras.

Remember that dummy cameras, while meant to deter burglars, should not be your only form of defense. They should add to the home security that you already have. It is always recommended that you have an actual alarm system or monitored security system in place on top of having artificial cameras.

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