Home PC Vs Game PC – Make Sure You Understand The Difference When Buying A Desktop Computer

Are planning to buy a new computer sometime in the near future? One of your first decisions will be is what the desktop computer is going to be used for. Will it be used for business, for playing games or for general home use. It is necessary to make this decision before you start looking so that you will buy the right type of computer and components for your needs. For the purpose of this guide to buying desktop computers – buy desktop computer, we will concentrate on computers that will be used for general home use and for games only.

Remember when making your purchase that the applications and the components that are found in a home computer and a computer for games are quite different.

Dual-core CPU’s or quad-core CPU’s are suitable for home computer use. These processors have enough power to run the applications that are included, as well as allowing the ability to work on photos, videos, MP3’s and to play some of the more simpler games. For storage space, you have a wide range of size to choose from. The smaller the GB number, the less storage space there will be. If you aren’t too concerned about internal storage space, you can invest in DVD’s and burn any files or images that are not used on a regular basis to the DVD using the DVD burner that should be included with the sale of the computer.

A graphic card should not be a consideration if you have no plans to use the computer for any 3 dimensional games. The card that comes with the computer should suffice.

If you are planning to play any of the current games you will need to make sure that you have a six-core or at least a quad-core processor on board. The hard-drive should be 1TB or larger and the graphics card will need to be compatible for the games of today. You should buy a top-quality graphics card if you are investing in a computer for gaming as this is one of the most important components for playing games. NVIDIA and AMD are the current leading manufacturers for graphic cards these days. Your computer for games should also come with a Blu-ray burner.

Keep in mind that if you are buying a computer for playing games, you will want to stick with a PC as they Mac’s are made primarily for graphic design and digital work, not for games.

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