If you are considering buying a home in Mesa, you have a distinct advantage. The housing market is currently being considered a buyers market. In other words, the homes that are available outnumber the buyers who want them. This puts buyers in a great position.

You will be able to negotiate many different points so that you will be able to save money on your home. Your real estate agent will be able to discuss any of the following with you:

Every home purchase comes with various costs associated with the closing process. The fees that you are required to pay are considered to be closing costs of the loan. Lender fees, such as points, credit reports, appraisals and underwriting, as well as prepaid fees such as interim interest, real estate taxes and escrow fees, and settlement fees like title insurance, attorney fees, taxes, and recording fees are the three different categories of fees that you will need to pay during the closing process.

Sometimes the cost of the closing can be as much as two or three percent of the price of the home. On an average home that costs around $200,000, the approximate closing fees will be around the $5000 area. Asking the sellers to pay the closing costs of the home you are trying to buy is one common negotiating tactic that is practiced.

A number of homes in Mesa are well-located in attractive areas, but may need to have some minor repairs or basic improvements before they can be sold. Some of the homes may need extra landscaping, painting, installation of new flooring or carpet, and other basics. As a buyer, you can negotiate that these improvements be made to the home prior to closing on the loan. Often, the seller will come back with a cash offer, giving you the money to make the necessary improvements, without the seller having to schedule all the appointments or do the work.

Don’t hesitate to get a little creative in your negotiations. So that you are able to get the most that you can for your dollar when you buy a home, consult your real estate agent for ideas and help with this. When you’re looking for a home in Mesa, you will discover that homeowners will welcome such negotiations, which will help you find your ideal home.

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