There are many holistic medicine schools in North America that provide quality training in alternative medicine and the healing arts. These schools teach health care techniques that do not involve surgery or drugs. When you are looking for a holistic medicine school there are several areas that you need to consider.

You are taught complementary medicine practices that are not taught in conventional medical schools when you attend a holistic medicine school. The holistic approach considers spiritual, metaphysical and religious practices combined with healing treatments which is what alternative medicine practices are based on.

Schools for holistic medicine teach the positive benefits of healthy nutrition, as well as the various uses for vitamins, minerals, plants and herbs that promote recovery and health.

When you are searching for a holistic medicine school you need to ask yourself a few questions that will help you decide what school is best for you.

Does the holistic medicine school have a well rounded curriculum? You should ensure the courses are balanced in herbalist studies, advanced nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and herbal remedies.

Does the holistic medicine school require you to mail in your tests to be graded before you can move to the next course? If this is what you find then you are in for a very frustrating, long and expensive education. You need to have a college that offers the ability for you to take your tests online using a website.

How much does the tuition cost? I’ve discovered that if the holistic medicine school tuition is expensive it’s more than likely because you are paying for their high marketing budget and non-existent distance education technology. No course tuition should cost you more than $499-$999.00

It has been found that the Natural Healing College meets the above requirements for a holistic medicine school. The Natural Healing College or NHC has an advanced curriculum, their tuition is a lot lower than other holistic schools, they offer distant education technology and they provide an excellent internship program which all makes for an excellent holistic medicine school.

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