Holidays In Tunisia Offer An Eclectic Mix Of Culture

Holidays in Tunisia are ideal for anyone who wants to relax on a Mediterranean beach that’s constantly bathed in sunshine. This country is the most northerly in Africa and it has a rich, fascinating past. Because of its location, Tunisia has an eclectic culture with influences from the Turks, Byzantines, Phoenicians, Spaniards, French and the Vandals.

With a population of over a million, the capital is Tunis. It is the biggest city in Tunisia. Located on the Gulf of Tunis, it stretches along the Mediterranean coast and is surrounded by an imposing line of hills.

In the center of the city you will find the medina. This is a dense conglomeration of passages and alley ways which are always bustling traders offering everything from tin, plastic and leather, to craft shops, the best filigree, and souvenirs. The modern part of the city, known as Ville Nouvelle, begins at the Sea Gate.

The colossal Baths of Antonius Pius are one of Tunisia most popular tourist attractions. Built during the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius, from 146 to 162 AD, the baths originally spanned an area of no less than 4.5 acres. During 389 AD the baths were restored but sadly, due to a structural defect, they subsequently collapsed.

Hammamet is the main nucleus for tourist trade in the country. It is situated on the picturesque Cap Bon peninsula. Once an active fishing village, Hammamet is now the largest seaside resort in Tunisia. Its main attractions are beautiful beaches, colorful groves of oranges and lemons, and the many cultural events that are held in summer.

A visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in Reqqada is a must for all holidays in Tunisia. A presidential palace, built in 1970, houses the museum. An impressive model of the Sidi Oqba Mosque, complete with a replicated mihrab, stands in the entrance foyer. Other rooms contain interesting prints, coins and archaeological finds that date back to former dynasties.

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