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The iconic Australian car maker, Holden, was founded in the year 1919 and the Holden Commodore has proven to be one of its most classic and revered models in the market. In fact, the Commodore, followed by the Ute, has been the most popular vehicle every year since its inception. In more recent years the Astra, Captiva, and Cruze have all expanded Holden’s lineup and become quite popular themselves.

Due in large part to the fact that the company has been in existence for many years, it is logical that Rare Spares would form a partnership to offer high quality auto spares for the legendary classic models. From this joint venture, we now what is known as the Holden Restoration Parts by Rare Spares program. This venture is very close in design to the common partnerships between various outlets and GM’s classic car line. Currently, this new program opens the doors for owners of the classic models to discover top of the line auto spares with both ease and confidence.

It becomes fairly obvious that the love for the many classic Holdens out there is a powerful one and if it was not then Rare Spares would never have launched such an expansive product line. Thankfully, the fit is assuredly a natural one. Rare Spares may not be as old of a company as Holden. But, it has been around for over three decades. The company was originally launched as a means of satisfying the demands made by classic Holden car owners. Such owners basically needed simple parts for common repairs and traditional restorations. Over time, Rare Spares has grown into a nationally recognized company that has outlets in all the Australian states and has even expanded into New Zealand.

What bears pointing out, however, its that not each and every owner of old Holden cars will drive wonderfully restored classic models. They do not have any requirements for brand new rare spares. Nor do they wish to pay for new parts if they can acquire used and reconditioned parts that can work equally well. Since old Holden cars in Australia are commonly found on roads and in garages, used auto spares or reconditioned auto spares might be sourced at a mere fraction of the price through top specialty parts websites.

Many people buy new or rare spares only due to the fact that they think that reconditioned parts will be of inferior quality, but this is not the case. Many used or second hand auto spares are on par or better than their brand new counterparts. A spare part that has been fully reconditioned or rebuilt can save you thousands of dollars on buying a new equivalent as well.

Specialty auto parts sites offer unbelievably cheap auto spares for the Holden collection. Owners of everything from the original 48-215 (1948) to the popular VS Commodore (1990s) will be able to obtain auto spares and accessories for next to nothing. Auto spares for the FJ (1950s) and the EH (1960s) as well as the Toranas and Monaros (1970s) are those in highest demand, but enthusiasts will be able to get top quality auto spares for almost any of these models at a fraction of the price of a new spares.

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