Fairy Tales About Neil Strauss Chronicle: The Lowdown

Thousands of young men have heard Neil Strauss is the guy when it comes to pick up training. Neil’s instructor, the creator of Mystery Method, Mystery, has appeared on Conan O’brien twice. Neil Strauss wrote the New York Times best seller “The Game” Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists and has appeared on “The View” because of his success. But there are a lot of contradicting dispatches out there as to the efficacy of Neil Strauss and Mystery’s ideas, and whether Neil really has the chops to teach guys to meet pretty girls. Mike Long has carefully inspected Mystery’s and Neil’s accomplishments for years and lets the cat out of the bag on the results on his new site.

Here’s a Mystery Method YouTube video:

[youtube:hFq45e-d5fY;Mystery PUA on Fox and Friends;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFq45e-d5fY&feature=related]

theGameNeilStrauss.com is all about the outcome of a 3-year investigation by me, Mike Long, and my research into Mystery and his students like Neil Strauss. In that time Mystery appeared on the pages of many national magazines and on the Late Show with Jon Stewart. Over the years Mystery and I have also shared advice with countless guys how to have success when it comes to attracting and interesting beautiful ladies. We’ve gotten thousands of thank you emails from men that say that Mystery and me have taught them how to improve their lives, and we’ve served up 3.4 million video views on YouTube. Here’s the story:

Advice on dressing that give men leverage in attracting attractive girls is a crucial focus for Mystery Method because it makes you instantly jump out in a lady’s perception. Mystery has dedicated a lot of focus surrounding how to dress. Mystery is accustomed to wearing a beanie with goggles, a fancy red jacket and various piercings. But many of his students can get noticed without going nuts. Some important points to remember: 1) Don’t wear baggy clothes. Surprisingly clothing items that fit nicely are more attractive. This is still the case when guys are a little on the heavier side. Then it’s still better wearing clothing items that fit snugly. 2) Dress interesting. An example is earrings or a tee shirt with a tattoo pattern. That way you offer plausible deniability to get excited about your situation. It can be a great way to begin a conversation.

One more crucial technique is to talk about topics that are fascinating to ladies. Men and women are completely different in a few main ways. One of them is that men think in terms of overcoming obstacles, while ladies think in terms of relationships. So things that are significant to fellas like work opportunities, sports entertainment and technological stuff are usually very boring to females. Instead women want to consider issues like friendships – so topics like psychology, who’s seeing, music and styles. When guys stay on matters that are intriguing to ladies they do significantly better. But when they mess up and go on and on about ideas that are tedious to women the strike out. Though this strategy is very simple and counterintuitive it’s amazingly successful.

The organizing principle in the lessons we just covered is how to come across as a unique individual. Most guys struggle with idea of the skill of actually coming across as unique because they think they should “just be themselves.” In the case that “just being yourself” isn’t getting the results you want then it’s strategic to do something other than what you’ve been told to do but what hasn’t been working. For videos and detailed lessons on Mystery Method and lessons from Neil Strauss with how to get an unfair advantage when it comes to dating gorgeous girls the visit www.TheGameNeilStrauss.com. (You can get a 34-page video book including loads of in depth techniques for meeting lovely girls.)

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