Wedding day is the most important day of your life. It marks a new beginning, so everything has to be perfect. The history of weddings goes a long way back. Every part of the wedding has a history and reason. All the celebrations, traditions and customs date back to old times.

History of Japanese Marriages: During the age of aristocracy, “Muko-iri” was the familiar marriage system in Japan. A bridegroom would nightly visit his bride at her home. Only the birth of a child or loss of his parents would lead to the acceptance of the bride as a wife in the house of the man. Among common people, labour power was an essential factor to preserve a family. A bridegroom would live with the family of the bride to offer his labour for a certain period of time. The practice remains today in the system of acceptance, by which a man becomes the member of another family after marriage.

Basically, every part of the wedding ceremony has a history, which has lead to the contemporary state of these rituals. The belief systems of the people have shaped the traditions of marriages. Whatever the traditions of the marriage would be, its unique significance is always there.

History of Indonesian Marriages: “The more the merrier” was literally the concept behind Indonesian weddings. It was just not a solemn ceremony; the Indonesians celebrated it with all the members of the family. Everyone was encouraged to come; even visitors that were directly or indirectly invited were welcomed to come. Planning an Indonesian wedding took a lot of time since it took a lot of superstitions when choosing date and time. They believed that there was a fortune month ideal for marriage.

In case of acceptance of the proposal, gifts were exchanged. It was a custom that the family of the boy used to give money or other items to the family of the bride and the family of the bride used to share the bridal cakes. Some other rituals of the wedding day were almost followed in the same way as they are practiced today.

The concept of best man can be seen in some parts of Asia. The best man is the person who is always with the groom on the wedding day. In the past, the history of this custom illustrates that the best man was like a warrior who used to fight for the groom. In the past, the concept of marriage in some areas was that men used to kidnap the woman they liked and married her. So, the best man used to protect the groom from those who might fight for that woman.

A wedding is held according to the norms of religion. Every event from the date selection to the post wedding functions, Asian weddings are sure to be a lot of fun. It is indeed very interesting and exciting to attend an Asian wedding if you do not belong to the continent. You will surely find them fantastic.

In ancient Indian, especially in Hindu, culture there are certain references of polygamy and polyandry for political as well as social reasons; they are however considered criminal offenses today. Falling in love was considered as sin and kind of insanity.

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