History And Facts Relating To The FIFA World Cup

As far as sporting events go, nearly everyone finds the Football World Cup to be one that is exciting and intriguing – it is the most popular event in the world. Each team that is included in the Fedration Internationale de Football Association gets the best Male footballers from their nation and compiles the best team possible – battling against others for the title. A World Cup 2010 Forum will be full of useful information, so get on board and support your team!

The one thing that bugs a lot of football fans is the fact that it is not very often a tournament is played. The first tournament was in 1930, which was a huge focal point at the time. Since this point, a tournament has been played every four years. Of course, this is with the exception of 1942 and 1946, as the World War was taking place at the time.

The World Cup Finals are where it all starts. This is labeled the qualification stage where 32 teams battle it out in a range of groups to try and win as many matches as possible. This usually last around 3-4 weeks depending on how FIFA have laid the tournament out.

The first International event that was ever recorded was a match between England and Scotland. The match was played out in Glasgow in 1872 and eventually led to the creation of the British Home Championship, which started in 1884

As this has a four year interval, the volume certainly is not there, with only 18 competitions played. Brazil were the most dominant of the seven winners, taking home five 1st place trophies. Italy were not too fair behind with four, and Germany have managed three so far.

Of course, all of the above teams are the most dominant forces in the Football World Cup. Other teams that have showed some hope include Uruguay and Argentina, both of which have won twice, with England and France with just one win each. Members at a World Cup 2010 Forum are hoping that this could be the year for one of many underdogs.

2006 statistics showed that the popularity of Football is literally beyond belief. According to TV statistics, 751.1 million people tuned in to watch the final match, which was held in Germany. June will be the start date, when the 32 teams prepare for a long stretch to victory.

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