What You Should Know Before You Hire Wedding Band

There are few days in your life as memorable as your wedding day. All efforts should be made to prevent anything spoiling the perfection of this wonderful day. This means taking the time to find just the right musical entertainment for your reception. Read on to learn some things you should know before you hire wedding band.

The benefits of hiring a live band:

Live music creates a more intimate atmosphere, in which musicians can build up a relationship with their audience. They are also able to tailor their music to suit the different groups of people present, and respond to requests or to the general mood of the night. The lead singer may double as an MC, helping to keep the flow of the night.

The lead up to your wedding:

Ideally you would begin searching for a band to play at your wedding reception at least six months before the event. This gives you plenty of time to ask around about good bands, listen to some of them play, and work out all the details they will need to know before they play.

How to look for a wedding band:

When you have decided what style of music you would like played at your reception, it is time to start looking for the right band to perform it. Word of mouth is always the best way of finding a good, reliable band, so ask your friends and relatives, wedding consultants and event coordinators. Try and choose a band that already has some experience with wedding entertainment. If they haven’t, you will have to make sure they know exactly what they are doing and when, to ensure that the night runs smoothly.

Listen to the music on offer before you hire your wedding band. Preferably, go and see them playing live somewhere, if they have a gig on. Otherwise ask them for a tape or video of some of their songs. Videos are best as it will you give you an idea of their performance style as well as their musical ability.

Details, details, details:

Before your wedding, settle on a play list of songs you like, including any special favourites. If a band’s play list is missing a particular song that you want, ask if they can learn it for your wedding reception ‘ most bands are more than happy to do this.

Always check with the venue first and find out if there are any space or sound restrictions. Discuss equipment and room size with your band, and find out if they have any special requirements. Take a look through the venue to make sure there are enough power outlets, and to see if the stage will be big enough to accommodate the whole band, especially if it has many members.

Write up a contract that has all possible details in it. It will help everyone to know exactly what is happening and what the expectations are. Include times and dates, set up, departure times, transport arrangements, attire, food and drinks, break times, overtime, payment schedules, insurance, and the unforeseen events and costs. If you have any special requests for particular pieces or play lists, or if you want your band to act as Master of Ceremonies (MC), add this to the contract as well. Name band members individually within the contract.

To avoid any delays, have the band arrive at the venue an hour before the event to set up and perform necessary sound checks.

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