Selecting A Band For Wedding Parties And More

Disc Jockeys are often the first choice of brides when planning their wedding, but another consideration might be selecting a live band for wedding music instead. A band can add a whole other level of ambiance to a wedding or function versus a DJ playing pre-recorded music on a sound system.

Some go for a combo, where a DJ will play music for the dance party and will act as the MC for all announcements, but a live band starts things off. Some couples hire a jazz ensemble to play throughout cocktail hour and dinner. In this situation, the don’t necessarily take up a lot of space with equipment and the mood is set with real live music, which can’t be beat. At corporate events it’s not unusual to see a smooth jazz act begin the night and the DJ takes over later with current top 40 and popular dance favorites.

Live music is much more engaging than a sound system. There’s a synergy between the audience and the performer, where each one feeds off the mood and the result is sublime. A band can get a crowd moving with interactive fun, especially a rock act, with singalongs and can make guests feel as if they’re at a live concert.

Different music styles lend themselves better to the live environment. A rap and R&B themed event might be better off using a deejay, but for rock, country, big band, or Latin music a band is a great idea.

Looking for a band is quite easy. Ask co-workers and friends if they know anyone or have ever hired a band before. Look at magazines, go to bridal fairs, check your yellow pages, or do a search for “band for hire” on the internet. When you do find a band that interests you, ask for a recording of one of their gigs, maybe a video or CD.

When you decide on a band, make sure you have a written contract. If they don’t offer one, insist on it. A good contract will protect both parties if anything strange occurs at the event. Most bands have entertainer’s insurance. It’s good to ask if they have that as well. When you find your venue make sure they have adequate power and an area for your band to play. Some bands require a lot of amplifiers and this can be problematic in some situations. Communicate all environmental variables to the band ahead of time so there’s no surprises. Also, try to help any band you hire by sorting out ahead of time where the will load and unload their gear.

Many groups will let you choose a selection of songs you want heard, but it’s not a good idea to try and dictate ahead of time what songs will be played. Professional acts will know what to play and when, being very sensitive to the ebb and flow of the mood, so trust them. It’s a good idea to give them a short list of favorites, but it’s probably best to just leave it at that.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your to finding a good band for wedding music.

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